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  1. Complete high school course requirements.  
  2. Achieve the minimum required score on the Regents Admissions Index (RAI)
  3. Meet admissions requirements for your college of choice.  
  4. Submit your FAFSA by October 1st and explore financial aid.  
  5. Complete an online application.  
  6. This paragraph is nested inside an article. It contains many different, sometimes useful, HTML5 tags. Of course there are classics like emphasis, strong, and small but there are many others as well. Hover the following text for abbreviation tag: abbr. Similarly, you can use acronym tag like this: ftw. You can define deleted text which often gets replaced with inserted text.

    You can also use keyboard text, which sometimes is styled similarly to the <code> or samp tags. Even more specifically, there is a tag just for variables. Not to be mistaken with blockquotes below, the quote tag lets you denote something as quoted text. Lastly don't forget the sub (H2O) and sup (E = MC2) tags.

Definition List Title
Definition list division.
Kitchen Sink
Used in expressions to describe work in which all conceivable (and some inconceivable) sources have been mined. In this case, a bunch of markup.
Defines content aside from the page content
Defines a section that is quoted from another source